Our taxes are working for us

It looks better now but believe me, these past few weeks our street has been almost impassable. Definitely it has been difficult for neighbors who usually leave their cars parked outside. Now they end up parking at the end of the street and cluttering up the houses THERE.

All these industrious digging is courtesy of the local government. They are supposed to be for flood control and drainage improvement. The day Kamuning is overcome by flood is the day the City of Manila goes underwater. For goodness sake! Kamuning is ON TOP OF A HILL!

The mounds of earth and shale on the roads is only part of the nuisance. Ask me where they did the digging. It was done on the sidewalks which, over the years have been partially transformed into mini-gardens by the neighborhood and in some cases, extensions of their homes. Imagine how this affected the morale of the neighborhood. According to the workers, once they finish our side of the street they will work on the other side. Oh, joy. More digging.

I can’t stand it! The sound of several jackhammers “singing” outside my window in the morning is enough to wake up the dead! And this industrial symphony only stops for lunch, then proceeds until 5pm. I’m just glad they don’t work on Sundays. That gives everyone (them and us) at least one day of rest.

The dust of the construction is not good for our health. My folks and nephew and nice are already coughing. The noise also gives us a headache of monumental proportions. I go to bed early at night (when I can) to ease the headache and in anticipation of the early morning wake up by the jackhammer symphony.

I hope it ends soon. And I hope they fix the street when they’re done. I also hope that after the election, the budget for these improvements won’t trickle away into limbo.