Need to transform from fat to fantastic

My attendant at the acupuncture clinic was helping me disrobe earlier and as I was sitting on the bed my belly was all scrunched up and she looked at me with a shocked face and said, “Mam, are you pregnant?”  At which I said, “No, just fat” and smiled.  Apparently, I am able to hide my flabs.  But when I am sitting down, and not consciously holding it in … woah!

With the limits set on the kind of exercises and activities I am allowed to do (for the meantime) this means that the only way I can control my “expansion” is to diet.  I’m really trying to limit my rice intake, but with exercise missing from my life my appetite seems to have increased. I am hoping that I could find a way to control this soon before I turn into a blimp.
It worries me to think I might get that big.  I worry about the health consequences and the self-esteem issues.  As it is, I already have health and self-esteem issues, hahahaha.  And to think that once upon a time, I was this thin.
And here’s another one a few years later.
So, I ask myself … where did all the pounds come from?  I guess the only explanation I can come up with is over-indulging in yummy food.   That can only mean one thing … I have to watch what I eat while on vacation next week.
This is me now (photo taken on 29 May 2011) at the joint birthday dinner between my mother-in-law, my daughter, and me:
Don’t let the outfit fool you.  Like I said, I know how to hide the flabs when clothed.   Ok, maybe I’m not obese, but I’m still fat.  Different scales tell me different things.  The scale at LTO said I am 138 lbs.  The scale at the Oasis Acupuncture Clinic says I’m now 152 lbs.  The scale at Hi-Top Supermarket (my favorite place to weigh myself) says I’m 145 lbs.  Whichever one is telling the truth, the fact remains that I weigh more than I want to be.
Actually, different BMI calculators online give me different results.  In some it says I am overweight but in others it says my BMI is acceptable but in the upper range (assuming my weight is over 150 lbs.)  In any case have my BMI at 22 and to do that I need it to look like this.  Which means I need to be to weight between 125 to 138 lbs to be within my acceptable range (of 20 to 22 BMI).  This will take a lot of work … especially with little to no exercise.
I don’t want to look pregnant (or get pregnant again, for that matter!)  Here’s hoping I can somehow get my weight down and get back to healthier soon.  Wish me luck!
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