MC-MPES Team Up Wins Class C Level in Bowling Tournament

Have you seen this trophy?  We not only saw it, we took it home!  Woo hoo!

Yesterday was the Ten Pin Bowling Tournament of the PUP Graduate School and, as we promised Sir Dodi, MC participated.  Students from MPES (Master in Physical Education and Sports) teamed up with us for this event.
As usual, majority of the attendees arrived on Filipino time.  We were told that the event would start at 8am SHARP and a handful of us were there early, if not on time.  The organizers arrived at 10am.  And the rest of the participants started trickling in between 9am to 12noon.
I wish that Filipinos would learn to tell time the way the rest of the world does.  If I had known that they would not actually arrive until 10am then I would have had 2 hours more sleep than I had.
Round 1.  We were placed in Lane 2 and was playing against the uber-strong GS Admin captained by Sir Elmer de Jose.  We scored 413.  It was an ok start.  After all, we were still warming up.  The people who played were:
  • Igme
  • Marckie
  • Patrick (5 frames) /Kit (5 frames) 
  • Penny (9 frames) /Dennis (1 frame)
  • Zen (9 frames) /Kris (1 frame)
Round 2.  We moved to Lane 3 and was playing against the MBA team.  We scored a decent 576.  Quite a few MC members (besides players) had appeared by this time so we were on a high.  The people who played were:
  • Igme
  • Kit (3 frames) /Joni (MPES – 7 frames)
  • Marckie
  • Penny
  • Zen (3 frames) /Edwin (MPES – 7 frames)

After lunch we were told what group we were all under based on our scores.  MC-MPES was put in Class C.
Round 3.  We moved to Lane 9 and were playing against another MBA team.  By this time the MC supporters left to go to class and the MPES supporters arrived.  We were hoping to do better than in the second round but sadly only scored 442.  We promised Sir Dodi we would win the Class C competition and we saw our chances to do that going down the drain.  The people who played were:
  • Igme
  • Marckie
  • Penny
  • Joni (MPES)
  • Frank (MPES)
The rock tied to our neck was Frank who (though highly recommended as a good bowler) turns out can’t play worth a damn.  His first 5 frames were abysmal.  Almost every ball he threw ended up in the gutter.  Marckie and I were already panicking come frame 3 and were discussing having him replaced while we can and we even told Joni about it.  But since it was the final round, we had no choice but to play better to cover up his guff.  When Frank’s turn came, he actually pulled back and didn’t want to play but everyone just gave him encouragement and we gave him some bowling tips.  The scare and the tips seemed to do the job because, all of a sudden, he started playing better.

At the end of the day, it turns out we didn’t have a lot to worry about, after all.  We won the trophy and was ahead by almost 400 points.   Thank you so much to everyone who supported us and prayed we would win. 
Photos to follow from the cameras of Sir Dodi and Zen.