Les Mills Bodyjam

I’ve attended Bodyjam 4 times this week under 4 different instructors.  I was surprised to discover that the jams are no longer the same.  That sounds confusing, let me clarify.

When I used to be with Fitness First in 2004 I could attend Bodyjam in any Fitness First club and the jam would be the same.  This allows me to build some body memory and, ultimately, get around to enjoying the exercise.  The only time it changes is on a specific schedule, which is something like once every quarter.  Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I attend Bodyjam on Sunday (with Winnie), Monday (with Kenneth), Tuesday (with Jonas) and today, Wednesday (with Fiona) and discover that they use different music and their step sequences are also different.
My worst Bodyjam experience would have to be today, with Fiona.  1) I’m not a fan of the music she chose, which was mostly house. 2) There were so many hand gestures that I found challenging on top of learning the footwork.  I’m a quick study but, I guess the music just put me out of the mood so, for the first time ever, I walked out of a Bodyjam class.
If this is the way Bodyjam is now, I guess I can live with it.  I will rise up to the challenge of learning new steps.  One thing is for sure, though.  I will not be attending every Bodyjam class.