Keeping it down

If I wanted to be bulimic it would be so easy for me.

I can’t brush my teeth immediately after a meal because when I brush my back molars the gag reflex kicks in and I end up chucking what I just ate.  Gargling mouthwash does the same thing.  As soon as the mouthwash hits the back of my throat, BAM!  Up goes the food and whatever else I drank that day.  Sometimes I find myself chucking up some food that I’d eaten a meal before.  Weird.

I REALLY hate when that happens.  The acrid aftertaste, the sore throat, and the wasted food.  When it does happen my mouth feels so … dirty!  Note that I had just brushed my teeth and tongue.  So,  if I want to keep my breath fresh and still keep my food down I have to rely on breath mints after meals.  I find it is relatively safe to brush 2 hours after a meal … assuming I am not eating again at that time.

And that’s another thing, if I brush my teeth before eating (or even use mouthwash before eating), the food tastes awful and … my appetite is also gone.  This means that I cannot start the day by brushing my teeth otherwise my breakfast is shot.  The most I can do (until 2 hours after breakfast) is to wash out my mouth with plain old water.

I hear that bulimia is an effective way to lose weight.  It’s not for me, though.  For one thing, I don’t like to waste food.  For another, I see no appeal in sticking my finger, or my toothbrush, or mouthwash in my mouth to lose weight.  I’d rather exercise and just monitor my food and beverage intake.

I also have to make sure that I somehow get to keep my teeth and mouth clean all the time.