It is good to be remembered

The month of May 2011 has not been a good month for me, generally, because of my health, but it ended on a very good note. I am no longer confined to my bed and my back still twinges but I do not let it stop me from going about my business.

The 30th of May was made more special by all the love I received from all directions, even though I had to go to work.

I’d like to collectively thank the more than 300 people who greeted me before, during, and after my birthday here on FB, in YM, on the phone, and in person. 🙂

To my students former and current – many thanks.

To my colleagues and co-faculty former and current – many thanks, too.

To my relatives near and far (Aben, Angeles, Jimenez, and Zaragoza clans) – thank you. It may have been some time since we saw each other but I could still feel the love. 🙂

To classmates former and current – my thanks to you, too.

To my professors and teachers former and current – thank you for your greeting and thank you for being my teacher. 🙂

To my ICQ friends – who would have thought that we would still be in touch after more than 13 years?

To my friends from PH-H – thank you and I wish we could meet more often than once in a while. Your witty conversations are both interesting and stimulating, and generally more informative than I usually get in one place at any given time. 😀

To my Musiko friends – although I have not been present at most of the gigs in a very long time, it warms my heart that you have not forgotten me. My thanks.

To my theater friends – thank you so much for remembering. Until the next play, until the next musical.

To my geek family – you have been a constant in my life for more than a decade. Thank you for always being there for me, even though I have been reclusive. Thank you for, sometimes, forcibly dragging me out of my house just to make sure I get a social life, hahahaha.

To my in-laws – thank you for the wonderful dinner and company the day before my birthday. 🙂

To my immediate family – thank you for your continued support and love … and for spending your Sunday afternoon with me.

Special thanks to my best friends in the entire world:  my sisters Tina and Gigi, my wonderful daughter Erika, and my soul-sib Kasuy. 

I hope I didn’t forget anybody. 😀 

I can think of hundreds of reasons to be thankful on my birthday and most of them would be all of you. Thank you for making my special day special.