Is it worth it?

Last week (Saturday) was only the second day of class for the second semester.  I attended my first and second class … no problems … until our third class came along.  Seems that several classes were being dissolved for not having enough students in it.  Apparently, the new ruling of the university is that, for a class to continue, it needs to have AT LEAST 15 students enrolled.  PATAY!

I belong to the Master in Communication program.  We are a VERY SMALL program, which happens to have 3 majors.  As of last semester there were 36 active members, with a large concentration being Communication Management and Broadcast Journalism majors.  This semester, we made sure that each time slot would have subject offerings for most, if not all the majors.  Even if the class distribution was equal, we still would not be able to come up with 15 students in the class.
In my first class, we estimate 10 to 12 students (will potentially be dissolved)
In my second class, we are 24 students … 12 students from MC and 12 students from MAELT.  If not for MAELT this class would be in danger, too.
In my third class, we are 7 students (will potentially be dissolved)

There are only two options offered to us if we want to continue with the classes:
  • the students of the class will collectively pay the deficit to complete the required 15 enrolled students
  • the students will decide to transform the class into a tutorial class instead and will collectively pay the amount equivalent to 18 hours of their professor’s time.
When I tried to appeal to our dean she cut me off and simply said, “that is the ruling of the university.  We have to abide by it.”  Perhaps she is just tired of people making appeals to her better nature.  But we need to make the school understand that MC is a small (tiny!) program.  Other programs such as MEM and MBA might be able to manage despite the classes being dissolved but MC can’t!  Like I said, we don’t have enough members to make a class of 15 students.
Perhaps if we had only one major, that would not be a problem.  But right now, more than anyone else, Communication Research is getting hurt.  And short of spending more than they should their only option left is to enroll in another school.
After this semester I only have one semester left and even I am seriously considering transferring to another school.  I am seriously considering UP, and I believe, some of my classmates feel the same.
But then, but then, I don’t even know if anyone has talked to the school board about our case yet.  For all we know, they do not even realize what effect that ruling has on the MC program.  Before this semester the minimum was 10 students and we were able to manage that. Maybe they thought, if we can do 10 then we can do 15.
I will find out tomorrow if this is worth pursuing. I hope I get an opportunity to speak with our chair and maybe get some clarity.