I’m looking for bloggers … 5

… and I’ve been told that this is the place to find them.

Chef Tony is my cousin’s hubby and he is asking for our help. On Oct. 28, Saturday, at around 4pm Anthony is sending over one tub for each of his flavors here to my place in Kamuning. He wants us (about maybe 10 people) to EAT his popcorn and then blog about it. And, we have to blog as soon as possible. In effect, this is an FGD (focus group discussion) and we, the bloggers who will eat the popcorn, are simply reviewing the product. We call this soft marketing. He needs the promotion for Christmas kasi.

That’s it. Simple, ain’t it? And fun!

Chef Tony is a designer popcorn brand with, I think, 10 flavors available, and some Christmas flavors coming out soon. Displayed in the picture are the flavors I bought today: white chocolate walnut flavor, roasted almond mochachino flavor, and pesto flavor.

So, for my friends in Manila who can make it, please RSVP. I don’t want to eat all this popcorn on my own, hehehe. By the way, you can also bring other food (or drinks) for variety if you like. But the of the day will be Chef Tony’s popcorn.

Please note: I need BLOGGERS, ok? Not just eaters. Getting people to eat is easy. Getting people who don’t normally write TO write, is another thing.

If you need directions to my house, let me know.

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