If you could only feel my pain

I wish there was a way for men to experience just how much pain women go through every month when we have our period.  Perhaps if they did they would be a little more sensitive to our needs at that time of the month and a little more sympathetic and considerate.

If nothing else, the mere fact that we women are still able to push past the pain and function is proof that we are definitely stronger.  Men get a headache and they act like babies.  I’d like to see them try to work, do chores, and do all the things they are expected to do while their back hurts, their tummy hurts, their ankles are swollen, their limbs feel weak, and their head is pounding … all at the same time!
Imagine, if you will, going through all that every month, for 1 to 2 days!  Imagine, too, having to go through that for 50 years.  If that does not say STRONG, I don’t know what does.
I’ve heard people say that women like to complain.  I can’t really agree since it really has nothing to do with gender.  But one thing is for sure … you hear of very few women who complain month after month of how painful their dysmenorrhea (that’s the official term for the medical condition women go through ) is.  I guess over the years we just get used to the pain so unless it is unusually painful, then there really isn’t anything to complain about.  All we can do is bear it and hope it goes away soon.  There are, of course, teas and pills, etc. that we could take for the pain.  But for most women, we opt to just ride it out.
I’m trying to imagine how guys would be if they had to suffer our pain and I figure, they will be even bigger babies than they are now (when it comes to being sick, I mean).  For most men I know, if we try to tell them how bad we feel they try as much as possible to change the topic or … they try to tell us how bad THEY feel.  No matter how often we try to steer it back to our pain, it just never seems to be as important as their pain.
Maybe it is the ingrained sense of responsibility.  So, despite walking like a pregnant penguin and moving like an old woman, we feel obligated to address their pain first.  The only time they take our pain seriously is if we actually look pale enough to pass out or, if they find us curled up in a ball in bed and quite obviously in too much pain to be of any use at all.
Hmmm … perhaps the fact that they don’t see our condition as life threatening is a factor.  After all, there are worse conditions.  Forget that we lose up to 80 milliliters of blood a month.  That does not seem like much until you multiply that by the number of months in a year and the number of years until menopause.  Collectively, that is a lot!
But I digress a bit.  The point is I’m in pain … but it’s a pain I’ve come to know.  And I know I will never stop thinking:  “men … if only you could feel my pain …”