I kept it so well

I have this funny habit.  When I own something that is really precious/important to me I would keep it some place really safe so that nothing happens to it.  In the end it turns out that I kept it so safe that I couldn’t remember where I put it. 

For example, this bottle of Vanilla perfume oil from The Body Shop.  This is my favorite scent in the whole world.  This bottle was given to me by someone close to my heart in 2002 and I use it sparingly.  The last time I saw the bottle was in 2003, and then I kept it to keep it safe.  The next day I looked where I thought I kept it and it wasn’t there.  I’ve been searching for it on and off ever since.

Yesterday I got it into my head to clean my closet.  Guess what I found buried at the back and nestled comfortably among my swimsuits?  You guessed it.  My bottle of vanilla oil.

I’m so glad I found it.  And I’m glad that it didn’t evaporate.

So now I think I need to clean up the rest of my room (in stages) to find the other stuff I “kept safe”.