I confess to being a fan of Starbucks.  I try to go to a Starbucks branch at least once a week.  My favorite branches are Torre Lorenzo at the corner of Taft Avenue and Vito Cruz and the Reserve Store on Tomas Morato.  Occasionally, though, I like to “tour” the other branches just to test the service. 😀  Today my sister and I went to the Sunnymede branch.

Starbucks Sunnymede

Starbucks Sunnymede

Working from Starbucks today. Hope I’m productive. #starbucks #workmode

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Some might say that I’ve bought into the hype.  But the truth is, I truly enjoy their coffee, their food, and their other products.  Not to mention the fact that I can actually get some work done in their stores.

I have several tumblers, have purchased the planner every year since it came out, and yes, I confess.  I have a handful of Starbucks cards, hehehe.  My most recent purchase is the classic black card.  I tried, I REALLY tried not to buy it but … it was just so CLASSIC!  And so pretty. 😀

Starbucks mini card

key fob or Starbucks card?

The one I use the most often in the mini card.  Mostly because I rarely forget to bring that card since it is attached to my keys. 😀

By now most people who frequent Starbucks already owns a Starbucks card, or two, or three. 😀  Some have several accounts while others have only 1 and gathered their cards into 1 account.  Since each account can accommodate 50 cards, that is no problem at all.

Most cards can be purchased for P300, a consumable amount that you can use immediately.  The only time I have had to pay more for a card was when they had a special promo or a special card, like the mini card.  Every time we purchase a drink using our Starbucks card you get a star.  Once we accumulate enough stars (for beverages they prepare in the store for you that would be 12 stars) we get another free drink.

On a sidetone:  Pooling our cards means we don’t get the free beverage for new registration.  However, it means that every card we add to the pool gives us 1 star … which is almost like getting a free drink. 😀

We also get stars when we purchase coffee beans and their instant coffee called VIA blends.  The stars we get from those purchases, though, fall under different categories and come with their own rewards, too.

But none of those will be possible if we do not register your card online at http://www.starbuckscard.ph/sbcard.

Starbucks card website

Starbucks card website

That’s all well and good but one of the things that frustrate me about the Starbucks card for the longest time is that there was no way to reload the card except from the counter.  Thankfully, I can now put that frustration to rest.

Reload a Starbucks card

Once upon a time buying a grande non-fat mocha frap extra espresso shot no whip would take twice as long to process.  Not because the drink is difficult to make, but because:

  1. they need to check the balance of my card first
  2. they will need to reload my card if I do not have enough on it
  3. THEN they can take my order

starbuckscard-mobileNow, we can cut that time in half.  When we visit the website (http://www.starbuckscard.ph/sbcard) we will now see a RELOAD section.  This is how it will look on our phone browser.

How to reload:

  1. Sign in to our registered Starbucks account.
  2. Click on RELOAD ACCOUNT.
  3. Choose the amount to reload or key in the amount.
  4. Choose mode of payment.  They accept major credit cards or debit cards with Mastercard or Visa logo.
  5. Enter the card details to process the transaction.
  6. Complete the transaction and we’re done!
  7. Check our account to make sure the transaction was successful.

The Starbucks app

The Starbucks APP

The Starbucks App available in the APP Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore

That’s the only thing missing now.  According to the website and on Google Play this app will allow us to “leave your wallet behind”.  We can order and pay using the app.  It can even help us locate where the nearest Starbucks store is!  Unfortunately, this service is available in the U.S., I believe.  So, I guess we will just have to be patient and hope that it eventually reaches our sunny (or rainy) shores.  For now, I am content with being able to reload a Starbucks card myself. 🙂
Reload a Starbucks card yourself online

I confess to being a fan of Starbucks.  I try to go to a Starbucks branch at least once a week.