My dad sent an email in one of our mailing lists that grossed me out SOOOOOO MUCH!!! that I am having trouble sleeping.  It is a warning to always wash new underwear before wearing them.  Long and short, this lady buys a new bra, wears it unwashed and develops a rash.  She goes to a doctor and he prescribes a cream without looking at her breast.  When the pain got too bad she goes to another doctor and when she took off her bra her left breast had several LARVA PEEPING OUT OF HER PORES.   As in, wiggling, wriggling, live LARVA (WORMS!!!) were living in her left breast on and around her nipple!  The case was so severe that the larva tunnels were deep.  Turns out they were eating (living off) the fat in her breast.


First of all, how could she not notice that WORMS are growing in her breast?  How could she make it reach that point?
Second, hello!  How long do you wear a bra?  Don’t you change it everyday?
Third, why didn’t she show her breast to the first doctor?  She already said it was hurting really bad, so why would the doctor take her word for it that it was “just a rash”?  How many rashes have white heads sticking out of them?

How in the world am I going to sleep now?  I’m so freaked I keep checking my left breast for parasites.  I know, I know, it’s psychosomatic,.Empathy pains, I guess.  I just can’t believe how stupid she was!

Personally, I think it may have been the water that piggy backed the larva, not the bra itself.

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