Home invasion of the four legged kind

As soon as I wake up, just like everyone else, the first thing I do is  make my bleary, barefoot way downstairs to the toilet.  As I walk  through the kitchen to my bathroom I dimly noticed that there were lots  of stuff on the floor outside my bathroom and that it crunched  underfoot.  I decided to check it later.

Upon exiting the  bathroom (by this time I’ve also washed my face and finally 100% awake)  I look down at the floor before stepping out and was shocked at what I  saw.  There was broken glass strewn across the floor!  And I walked on it and there is not a scratch on my feet!












Me : Daaaaaad!!!
Dad : What is it?
Me : Come and see, dad!
Dad : (comes over and looks over the counter) What happened there?
Me : Something must have come in last night and tipped over the bottle of coke (1 liter) and it crashed to the floor
Dad : (hands me a broom to sweep up  the mess) Did you leave the window open last night? The only thing that could have done this is a big rat or a cat.
Me : Dad, Erika and I went upstairs ahead of both you and mom. It could only be either you or mom who forgot it if you saw the window open when you went down.
Dad : (watching me sweeping up the mess) How’s your feet, did you hurt yourself?
Me : Surprisingly, I’m fine, not even a scratch. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel a thing when I walked on it. I must have been in alpha, hehehe
Mom : Ooh! You must be a yogi, hehehe

Moral of the story …
… never go upstairs without making sure the house is secure.
… always wear slippers. You never know when there might be broken glass on the floor.
… if you are in alpha, chances are, you won’t feel any pain … or get hurt, for that matter.