Heroesphil thon 092008 post-mortem

It’s 1:30pm and the thonners have just left Primatech, Kamuning.  It was a fun and filling thon, as far as I am concerned.  A good number of people were present to watch the bonus materials on the Heroes DVDs and to chat and drink.

Activities of the night:

  • Heroes bonus materials thon
  • chatting with each other
  • eating and drinking
  • plurking!

thonners-plurkersLet me start with the list of Heroes Plurkers (click on the link to visit our individual plurk sites) who were there:

  • Beej
  • Erika (my daughter) – not in the picture as she spent most of her time in her room doing her homework but would surface to see what was going on
  • Hec
  • Icheb
  • Jean-Luc (Gigi’s son) – not in the picture as he kept going up and down the stairs for no reason *shrugs*
  • Jon and son (Darren) – not in the picture as they left before it occured to any of us to take photos. *toingk*
  • Jovan
  • Joy (Heroesphil newbie)
  • Mark Poa
  • Penny
  • Shey
  • Tasha (Gigi’s daughter) – not in the picture and spent most of her time on the computer playing Wonderland online
  • Tina – not in the picture ’cause the hubby already picked her up

We were all heavy with food and drink!  What you see in the photo at the right is what was left of the food at around 2am.  

Just to be OC about it, first, here is the food list:

  • 2 trays of lasagna and garlic-basil bread
  • 1 square Greenwich pizza
  • 2 round containers of choco flakes (white and milk)
  • 1 bottle ube halaya
  • 2 round containers of lengua de gato (regular and ube)
  • 1 tray of chocolate crinkles
  • 1 bottle of peanuts
  • 1 bottle of cherries
  • assorted chips
  • assorted cupcakes

PIzza was courtesy of Beej.
Baguio products courtesy of Icheb.
Cupcakes courtesy of Mark Poa.
The garlic-basil bread was all courtesy of Shey.  She slaved over it before the party.
The lasagna was a team effort by Jon, Shey, and me.  Jon helped with the slicing and Shey helped with the layering.
Cash contributions by everyone.

trubloodSecond, here is the drink list:

  • 4 2-liter bottles of soda
  • 2 bottles of vodka (Toska and Absolut Kurrant) – the Absolut was courtesy of Jon
  • 2 bottles of brandy
  • 1 bottle of rhum
  • 1 bottle Mudslide (courtesy of Erika)
  • a few bottle of Superdry (courtesy of Beej)
  • water
  • vodka jelly shots – raspberry flavored
  • faux Trublood – this (see photo at the right) was actually the vodka raspberry jelly shots that did not set and so we opted to drink it instead.

Jon played bartender for part of the night.

There were lots of interesting segments in the bonus materials.  My personal favorite was the mockumentaries about Takezo Kensei, which was located in Disk 2 of the set.  The mockumentary was provided by mock organization, the Yamagato Fellowship.

After watching all the bonus materials of all 4 disks twice and commentaries of the last 2 episodes, we ended the evening by watching Dr. Horrible.  Turns out some of us (specifically, Icheb) haven’t seen it yet.  If I may say … Neil Patrick Harris rocks!
It couldn’t be avoided, those of us who’ve seen it (aka everyone else) just had to sing-along … and speak along … with almost all the lines and songs.

We more or less turned in at around 3:30am and woke up at 9am.  Breakfast was simple — longganisa (imported from Davao kaya masarap, hehehe) fried eggs, rice, , and tea.

It was a good 20 hours.  I give it
I would have given it if the others were able to make it but illness and fatigue prevented them.  To those who weren’t able to make it … we missed you and wished you’d been here with us.  See you all online!  Until next time!