Happy Independence Day!

Greetings, fellow Pinoys and Happy Independence Day!

Do celebrate this joyous occasion, the Metro Train (all 3 trains) gave free rides to all its passengers, from 7am to 9am.  Woohoo!  Too bad I left the house at 6:30am, or my MRT ride would have been free.  At least half my trip was free so, that’s cool.

My lecture in class today was about MS Excel.  There was so much to cover, I could’ve sworn I could see my students’ eyes glazing partway through the lecture.   Creating the Gantt chart with guidance was fun, though.  Oftentimes I would see them wondering why their charts look different from each others.  It SEEMED like they all followed the same steps but somehow, their work was different.  What a difference a small mistake or skipped step makes. 

I just spent TWO HOURS on the phone with Smartbro‘s Customer Credit Service Management.  Haaay!  My problems with them never seem to cease!  It’s not the connection (although that is a problem at the moment) but a billing problem.  Ever since they migrated my account from Meridian Telekom to Smart, the bills I receive and their records just won’t match!  The end product being, I get disconnected almost every other month because their records will show that I have more than P2,000 in unpaid bills.  Fingers crossed that my records are finally updated now and reflecting the correct billing.