Happy birthday to me!

It isn’t my birthday today.  My birthday was actually a month ago.  But back then I was so broke and miserable that I didn’t even have money for jeep fare..  I had work the following day and I had to ask my mom for money just to be able to leave the house.  Yes, THAT kind of broke.

Today is Manila day which also happens to be my Lolo Anching’s birthday (he passed away many years ago).  I had lots of errands to run yesterday and today and as I went around I ended up bringing home two tubs of ice cream and half a cake roll.  At the last minute I decided to swing by Bellini’s and get myself a bottle of their table wine.
I had the , the ice cream, and the wine so I decided on my way home that today is my birthday! 
I made the “declaration” to my parents when I got home and told them I was cooking dinner so to just relax until I called them.  I whipped up some spaghetti and made a sauce that my dad could eat then baked some chicken thigh fillet slices in light soy, olive oil, and garlic.  When I was done I went upstairs to call my parents then texted my daughter (who was out) and told them that dinner was ready. 

Birthday gifts I received this year were:

  • concert ticket and CD of the APO Hiking Society from my husband, Simon
  • money from my sister, Tina (Thanks, sis!  I really needed it, too.)
  • a knife from Jon
  • and lots of birthday greetings via text and online messages from friends
It wasn’t a very remarkable way to greet my 40th birthday but at least I made it to my 40th alive and well.  I am blessed to have people who care enough to greet me, even if they were merely prompted by Facebook birthday alerts to do so.   Gifts, well, I guess 40 is a milestone year indeed.  It’s the year I almost didn’t receive any gift at all.  This tells me that the succeeding years I would be so lucky to receive even 1 gift.  I hear it is a symptom of advanced years, hehehe.
I almost forgot the best gift I received for this birthday … a loving family who appreciates my efforts to celebrate my birthday with me almost a month later — parents who got out of bed for me, and a daughter who rushed home for dinner.  I was not able to inform my sisters of my plan since it was totally last minute but I’m sure they would have made it, too, if I had told them about it.
40 is supposed to be a big one.  It’s supposed to be my entry into another generation.  Maybe I’m weird, but it certainly feels like just a number.
Happy birthday to me.