Grad school is fun

So far grad school is a blast!  After a few weeks I already have good friends among my classmates.

And wonderful camaraderie with the rest of the Master in Communication Society members.

There was none of the awkwardness I remember from meeting people for the first time when I was in elementary, high school, or college.  I guess when everyone are professionals getting along with each other is much, much easier.  We are more confident.  We are more helpful towards each other.

Perhaps it is because we are all more self-confident now?  More self-assured?

I can’t be sure, but I think I am the oldest of all my classmates, although I don’t think I look it.  When we were introducing ourselves they would mention the year they graduated from college and most of them said "two thousand and …" so … ’nuff said.

Lectures in all my classes are done in reporting style, which forces us, the students to do a lot of research.  I don’t mind it.  I actually think we learn more this way, especially during the classroom discussions which are always lively.
I feel blessed in having intelligent, friendly, and inquisitive classmates.  Looking forward to when school resumes in January.


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