GK aftermath 3

Lintels_1 I started this volunteer work with VA last March 19, 2006.  We have been going to GK (Gawad Kalinga) Concepcion Village located along the Pasig River.  We have been helping in the construction of houses. On the first day, March 19, we helped in painting Nanay Leony’s house.

Sunburn_1On the 2nd mission we were tasked to sift rubble from a tall pile of sand and shovel the sifted sand into sacks. I mostly got to do the sifting.  Of the 5 of us who were there Dek and I had the best rhythm so we kept at it. I enjoyed myself so much (with the work and the chat) that I did not notice that I was already getting sunburned (see picture on the left). I don’t regret the sunburn, though. We really had fun.

Note to self: use sunblock next time. And bring the work gloves and safety goggles. No need to add more calluses to the current set if it can be helped.

3 thoughts on “GK aftermath

  • maigaray

    Luckily, I didn’t develop calluses ^__^ (balat-mayaman pa rin) since I used petroleum jelly as soon as I got home (oh vanity).

    I did however find out that my muscles have been too used to my sedentary life in the office.

    It was fun though ^__^ After the bottle of water, we were refreshed enough to have a choreo going (hehe)

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    • slvrdlphn Post author

      Calluses and choreography

      Petroleum jelly! I should’ve thought of that. When I got home all I could think of was my bed. Next thing I knew it was 6:30 am, hehehe.

      In any case, my calluses have been slightly rebuilt so I’m not expecting any blisters any time soon. Will still wear the gloves if it doesn’t get in my way. I’m a tactile person so it bugs me when I cannot feel what I am holding. (You can imagine how difficult taking muffins out of the oven is for me with oven mitts!)

      Our choreography was excellent! If only we had captured it on video. If only we weren’t all working so that someone could capture it on video. Oh well. Our memories will have to suffice. It was good, though. Our movements were so smooth you’d think we’d been sifting and moving sand for years! hehehe

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