Gimme my change!

I took a cab home from TK today and I had the misfortune of having a driver who takes advantage of nice people.

The cab fare from the MRT station to my house is P37.50.  I always pay P40.  Today I didn’t have any change so I gave a hundred and waited for change.  Most drivers are honest and give P60 change.  I don’t make a fuss about the P2.50.  I would give it anyway.  But this driver … this driver needs to be blogged about.

He gets P40 from his wad of bills and then fishes around on his tray for coins and comes up with P8.  He hands it to me and says that he doesn’t have any coins left.  And sits back and waits for me to disembark.  What I was waiting for was for him to ASK me if I had change.  I was traveling with my mom so between us it was highly possible that we would have had P40 in change.  But no, he did not ask.  I debated whether I should ask for the P100 back and just fish for the P40 in my coin purse and thereby spend more time in his cab or just take what he gave me and note that I was robbed P12 and just blog about it.  Obviously, I opted for the latter.

If you think about it, what is P12, right?  But think about it, if he cheated every single passenger he has out of P12, how much money is he actually stealing?

So, here is a warning to all you taxi riders.  Don’t trust the cab driver of NASI (that was the name on the door) to give you the correct (or fair) change.  He will try to cheat you.  I didn’t get the plate number nor the name of the driver, but at least you know the name of the cab.  Either avoid riding it or just prepare exact change.

I hope it helps.  And I hope karma bites him in the ass.