Getting spammed by politicians? For real?

I received this in my email yesterday.
Would you mind updating your information in our database?
Kiko Pangilinan []
(Note from me, Penny: Click on image to see larger version of pic.  Apparently multiply auto-thumbnails images.)
The following questions popped into my mind:
  • is this for real or am I being scammed?
  • since I am sure I never signed up to receive anything about Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, how did I end up in their database?
  • WHY and HOW am I in their database?  I’m nobody.  I’m not a journalist and my decisions have no effect on the national economy.
There were other thoughts running through my head, but none were questions.   Has anyone else out there received that email, too?  And, did YOU sign up for anything related to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan?