Flightus interruptus

My mom and her siblings (my uncles and aunt) are all in Davao now.  It’s my grandfather’s 95th birthday tomorrow.  95 years old.  Wow!  Imagine living for that long.  In a time when it seems that average lifespan of a person is 75, he has definitely lived more than one life.

I wanted to go with my mom but there were things to consider:

  • Erika’s enrollment
  • who would take care of my dad and Erika while we were away

In the end it wasn’t such a difficult decision, after all, it IS my lolo’s birthday.

So, here I am … at home and taking over all the housework, mom’s and mine.  It isn’t so bad, really.  My only real problem is figuring out what to feed my family since my dad is trying to cut down on meat and Erika, on the other hand, loves her meat.