Evangelists annoy me

When I take a bus and an evangelist boards and starts “preaching the Word of God” it pisses me of.  Why?  Because we can’t walk away.  We are, in effect, FORCED to listen (unless you happen to have an MP3 player handy, which I don’t.  And now they have extended their “captured market”.  They now evangelize in jeepneys and trains!

Today I had the misfortune to be on the train (MRT) standing at the junction when this very old lady (white hair, wrinkles on wrinkles, stockings rolling down the legs)  boarded the train in Cubao.  She starts off on the wrong foot with me when she repeatedly stood on my foot despite my telling her several times that she was hurting me.  She apologized each time, of course, and then would promptly turn her back and put her foot RIGHT BACK ON TOP OF MINE.  I was thinking, “patience … she’s old … she may even be senile … she isn’t doing it intentionally …”

And then a young lady (n her early 20s) across the car from me stood up and offered the old lady her seat.  The old lady refused and even got angry when the young lady insisted she sit down.  Before the young lady could say anything else the old lady suddenly stands straighter and in a loud voice says, “Greetings, my brothers and sisters in Christ …”  The young lady immediately reclaimed her seat, shoved earphones in her ears and proceeded to ignore the sermon.

I looked at her and I was thinking, “shucks!  I wish I had brought my earphones!”  I had to suffer through that sermon (spoken at a loud voice beside me) for several stations.  By the time I was 1 station away from my destination (and could, by then, change location without arousing suspicion that I was just avoiding her) I immediately moved to the doors.  I don’t think  I had ever been so happy for the doors to open.

I’m a Christian but … if there is one thing I hate, it is being preached at.  I hate people who think or act that they are better than me.  I hate it when people start their sentences with, “take me, for example …” or “look at me …”  I understand the concept of giving personal testimonials but holding yourself up as an example seems to be boastful (prideful).

There was this other time when I rode a jeep and across from me was a young pregnant woman.  Beside me was an older woman who I thought at first was just kindly.  She asked the pregnant lady if it was her first baby. Next thing we knew she spent the ENTIRE jeep ride lecturing the poor pregnant lady TO DEATH!  I was beside her and thinking, “shut up!” especially, when she started spouting nonsense, and later, forcing her beliefs on us, the other passengers.

She spoke in the vernacular (Tagalog) but since I am not good at that, here is a rough translation of some of the stuff she said:

Have you accepted Christ into your life?  I can tell you are going to say yes but I can see in your eyes that you haven’t …

The Lord provides.  Take my word for it, you will not have to work a day in your life to feed your family.  It is your husband’s job to make sure to earn enough to feed you and your children together.  Your job is to stay home and be a mother to your children and a wife to your husband, nothing else.  I have never worked a day in my life but my belief in God was strong and he has provided.  By the miracle and grace of God we were able to raise four children.

Don’t use a cellphone.  It is dangerous for the baby because of the radiation.  Do you know why there is radiation?  Because it is one of the instruments of the devil.  If you keep using a cellphone that means you are inviting the devil into your life.  That’s why, look at me, I don’t have a cellphone.  This is because I want to keep my spirit pure.

You know television?  Work of the devil.  The radio?  Work of the devil also.  The devil uses our modern communication devices to tempt us to hell.  That’s why for me (and my family) we don’t have any phone, tv, or radio at home.  Bad for the soul.

Yada yada yada …

When I was a little girl I used to watch The 700 Club.  At the time, I don’t think I realized that it was a Christian (religious) show.  I just liked the stories and debates.  Nowadays, anything religious on TV is anathema to me.

Enough with the egotistic know-it-alls.
I’d rather have a philisophical DISCUSSION (which translates to an exchange of ideas) rather that to be preached at (talked at).
I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, we hated it as kids when the grown ups kept telling us what to do.  I’m all grown up and I still hate it.

I’m a Christian.  But I’m a Christian with a brain … with my own thoughts and beliefs and, as I recall, according to the bible, God gave me the right to free will.  Then, what gives these evangelists the right to strip me of it?

That’s what churches and prayer rallies are for.

I hate commuter evangelists.