I am woman.
I am strong. I am invincible.
I am a goddess!
Independent. Self-reliant. Assured.
Capable. Skilled. A match for any man.

Pain is no stranger to me.
I have known pain so great it could have killed me.
And yet I survived and stand before you whole.
I have swallowed the bitter pill
Of rejection and disappointment many times.
Apathy, indecision, self-doubt
Self-recrimination, insecurity, loss of pride
But worst of all … helplessness.
Worthless, pitiful
A shadow of the person I used to be.
But no more.
I am strong. I am invincible.
I am a goddess!
And yet … I am human
And can’t help but feel.

I am vulnerable but I will overcome.
I feel pain, but I will endure.
I care … and that will never change.
Earth mother
Nurturer …
I’m a chameleon, ever changing
To fit my surroundings
To be what you need me to be.
Mother, sister, daughter
Boss, nurse, lover, wife, friend …
I am woman
I am a goddess!
Hear me roar!