Dreams so real, they can’t just be dreams

Every now and then I get those dreams that are so real that I would swear it was anything but a dream.  And even after waking up I’m still not convinced I was actually dreaming.  How could I think it was just a dream when I don’t feel rested and any injury I sustained in the dream I seem to carry on in the waking state?

I know that I had some sort of adventure dream last night and in the dream I somehow hurt the outside of my right leg.  All day I’ve been rubbing the outside of my right leg because of a phantom pain.  I don’t know how to describe it.  My calf is cold and feels slightly numb and there is some pain but when i touch my leg, I can’t seem to touch the painful area … like it is inside my leg somewhere.

I hope that when I sleep tonight I get to pick up where I left off and hopefully heal my leg there.

I wish I could remember my dream.  Maybe I should really continue with the dream journal I started.