Dream lover

Do you ever get that dream where you feel that the main character is you and yet, somehow, it doesn’t really look like you?  And somehow, the dream is a fantastic dream yet you are able to control it.  Stop, rewind, change the script, etc.

I had a dream like that last night.  This is what I remember …

It starts off with me and some friends looking at a boat and I get the
feeling we are modern pirates … all i know is we were supposed to
board the ship and get a lot of stuff and replace them with fakes so
that the people on the boat wouldn’t notice.  All the stuff we were
getting were paintings and antiques.  We were successful at whatever it
is we were there to do, but I have no recollection of boarding the
boat.  It felt like I was a lookout or something.  Then somehow the
story twisted and I was the boss and all the stuff were going to my
house and stuff were hidden in plain site.  There was a Pharaoh’s
headdress, a sculpture, a priceless painting, that kind of thing.

Then Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) somehow ends up in my dream as an
inspector or something and they suspect that the stolen goods are at my
house.  He comes over to the house with a clipboard and I answer the
door wearing a spaghetti strap top and a short denim skirt.  My hair is
long and half covering my face.  I greet him with a smile and let him
into my house and show him around.  I can’t remember all the rooms but
I recall leading him through them one by one and kinda flirting with
him at the same time.  Two rooms were distinct.  One room we passed was
a living room with furniture made of rattan (painted dark brown) with
leather seats and a low coffee table.  From that room I recall reaching
for his hand and walking with him to a room filled with books … on
shelves, in piles forming a wall around a king-size bed.  I remember
that as we were walking with hands clasped (my right, his left) the
fingers of his left hand were rubbing against my leg.  And I remember
saying as we enter the room “and this is my messy bedroom”
What happens after that is hot and steamy and best left to the

Then the scene blacks out and moves forward and it felt like he and I
have been ‘an item” for a bit.  All I know was that when I said I was
leaving on a business trip he said he was going with me to Davenport
… I don’t know where that came from.

I’m just looking forward to going to sleep again.  Hopefully, I get to
spend the night with Dwayne again, hehehe.