Downgraded and downhearted and other phone issues

My phone (see photo on the left) died on me a couple of days ago, just as I was on my way to bowling.    Sigh.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t pay my bills yet, now I can’t even use the phone.  I need to have it looked at and, hopefully fixed, but that will have to wait.  In the meantime I am using a Nokia 3310 (the one I gave my mom) which we’ve had since 2000.  It works fine for texting.  I haven’t tested it for voice yet.  I have to warn you, though, if you are texting me there … the external speaker doesn’t seem to be working so I have no idea when messages come in or when calls come in so please don’t take offense if it takes forever for me to respond.  It isn’t intentional.

For most of you who are on YM, I already gave you the cell number where I can be reached.  It’s the number I have been using for more than a week now.  If you still insist on contacting me on my regular number and receive no response, don’t get frustrated.  It’s not that I am avoiding you.  See circumstances above.

It really annoys me when people I already advised before text me back with the response “Who is this?” or worse, “Who u?” I realize, of course, that this simply means that they did not bother to read their yahoo messages or, that they haven’t gotten around to logging in to yahoo yet.  This, of course, does not include people who I know are not in yahoo.

Okay, so I am bereft of my phone.  What’s funny is, ordinarily my phone isn’t even that important to me.  Not that I leave it around anywhere or some such.  As a matter of fact, I am quite careful with my stuff.  But rather, it doesn’t really bother me, per se, if I have a phone or not.  What bothers me is not that I can’t use my phone but that it is busted!

My niece, Tasha, turned 10 this year and one of my plans was to get one of those group plans of Sun (the P999 plan with the 3 phones) so that I could give one of the phones (with accompanying sim, of course) to Tasha, while the other 2 go to me and Erika.  I guess that isn’t materializing soon.  At least, not until after we’re done enrolling Erika to college.

I want a MyPhone.  I want the S22 Duo Slyder Series phone.  I wonder how much it costs?  Hmmm … maybe I’ll get that for myself for my birthday.  I still have a couple of months to save up for it.