Cramming to pass

For the kids, school ends on Saturday evening and summer officially begins!  For the professors, though, we still have grades to work on and submit, which will keep us busy up to early next week.

When you walk down the hall you will see many kids who looked stressed, harassed, and sleepless.  You know who those kids are … the crammers!  You hear conversations like “how many plates do you still have to make?” or “have you submitted your website yet?” or even “when’s your recital?”

You can also tell which students have not been doing so well and are likely to fail but wish they could pass.  They are the students that keep looking for their professors and beg for ways to get a good enough grade to just pass.
So far, half my students have passed.  That’s it.  Half.  I wish it were higher than that, but only half made any real effort.  I don’t know what kind of summer break the kids that failed will have with this hanging over their heads but … we’ll be seeing them next year taking the same subject and, hopefully, this time around they will pass.