Clueless to world events

Friday night (or rather, early morning of Saturday) some friends in the U.S. were asking me if we were ok here in the Philippines.  I said, yes, we were ok.  Nothing eventful has happened.  This response was unexpected since, it seemed that there was a really big earthquake that occurred earlier in the day in Japan and that a tsunami was supposed to hit the Philippines.  To which I responded by saying, I guess we are just so used to the little quakes, we don’t even worry if we get a little dizzy.  And, as far as I knew, I did not notice any tsunami.

Today there have been radio announcements and text messages circulating to expect acid rain after 4pm so, if we can’t stay indoors, we should at least use an umbrella or a raincoat.  This was because of the volcanoes that erupted in Japan.  We’ve gone through ashfall before (with Pinatubo) so I took that in stride.  I will be indoors, after all, until 6pm.  The radio announcer also mentioned further volcanic activity in Japan and the possibility that we may still get hit by a tsunami.
And then, at the end of this report, the radio announcer says that due to the situation, we should expect intermittent and slow internet connectivity here in Asia.  Oh, no!  It’s funny, I know, but that one really made me sit up.  It made me think about how much we have come to rely on the internet for most of our communication needs.
I may not be updated on what is happening outside my bubble, but I do care.  I hope the casualties are minimal and that recovery will be swift.