Car trouble 2012

I was on my way home from the family reunion this evening (with my sister, daughter, niece, and nephew) when my tire suddenly blew out.   I was not speeding, I was actually driving slowly and very carefully when suddenly I heard a weird sound fwap fwap fwap fwap  I pulled over to the side of the street and asked my sis to go down and check the tires on her side, ’cause I suspected a flat tire.  True enough, the tire was a pancake.

Now, I’ve never, ever in my life had to change a tire and while I knew the mechanics of it, given the approaching dusk and lack of tools, I was hesitant to even attempt it.  We called my dad to ask what we should do and he said we would surely find someone in the area who would help and just as he said that a trike pulled up behind us and the driver offered to help.

While he and another guy were working on the tire something else happened.  An SUV in front decided to pull out of a nearby establishment and slammed into our PARKED CAR, scratching our bumper and smashing the left turn signal.

Consequently, this caused the car to fall off the jack almost injuring the two men who were in the process of installing the tire.  Thank goodness I remembered to pull on the hand break or we would have added personally injury to the list!  The lady who hit our car was good enough to admit to being at fault and willingly gave me her details.  She saw the point of impact, and, she also knew that we were changing the tire so, she should be aware of possible damage to the axle.  Because the car is built like a tank so the damage to the front was minimal.  If we were in a newer car we would certainly be looking at more than a busted light and scratched bumper.

Since tomorrow is a Sunday, that means that the auto shop my dad favors (Alfred’s) is closed and we cannot have the car looked at until Monday.  Since I have class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, that means that if dad wants me to be on top of it then I cannot do anything until Thursday or late in the afternoon on Monday when I get back from work.

I told him everything that happened during the incident and later when I got home but he refuses to look at the damage until tomorrow ’cause he said he might lose sleep over it.  And, of course, despite the fact that it was an accident, he still manages to make me feel guilty because it all happened while I was the one driving the car.  

He tells me that the tire will cost 3k, and he does not have that to spare.  Translation:  I have to find a way to come up with that amount, STAT.

He says that he had a lot of errands scheduled and he can’t do them now because the car has to be checked first.  Now, it’s not like I have a spare car lying around for him to use so there really is nothing I can do about that except look at him silently … and I guess run his errands.

Moral of the story … don’t use his car unless he asks you to drive it!  After all, that’s what cabs are for.  On the upside, no one was hurt and there was no way I could be accused of negligence or speeding.  It’s a good thing I remembered to gas up BEFORE going to the reunion or that would have been held over my head, too.