Busy, busy day

Today has been a hectic day for me.

  • I arrive for my morning class early, only to find out that my students had a recollection and were not arriving at all.  Bummer!
  • I go to SSS Manila to get my SSS number for my employment requirement.  Just like yesterday, they were offline.
  • I go to Starbucks in SM Manila for breakfast (they were the only one open at that time) and got chatted up by a lawyer.  Sigh.  He was nice but I really wanted to read my book.
  • Went back to SSS and it was still offline so I asked if they were the only ones offline or is it all SSS branches.  When I found out that I could go to another branch, I promptly asked for the nearest one and proceeded there.
  • I got in a cab and went to SSS Recto.  The cab meter charged me P100.  I wanted to complain because that was twice what I was expecting since the journey was short and my butt barely warmed the seat but I was in a hurry and I figured karma will get the driver for cheating me.  (He didn’t reset the meter when I got in.)  I was barely in SSS Recto 30 minutes and I got my SSS number.  I asked the guard where PAG-IBIG was so i could get my PAG-IBIG number next.
  • I walked to Isetann Recto and a little ways towards Quiapo to catch a jeep to Lawton and made it to PAG-IBIG.  I was given number 200.  Number 150 was being served.  I waited an hour and I was out of there with my PAG-IBIG number.
  • I then walk to the train station to catch a train back to school.  While I was on the train (1 station away from DLSU) I saw the sign of Philhealth and decided, what the heck!  May as well go the whole 9 yards!  So I got off the train and went to Philhealth, too.
  • After Philhealth I took a jeep to DLSU and decided I may as well go for broke and have my passport size photos taken at Netopia.
  • After getting everything together I head over to SDA to submit my requirements (due tomorrow) to the MMA office.
  • And now, here I am at the library posting this blog while waiting for the bell to ring for me to head to my next class.

Phew!  What a day!