Bus blues

For goodness sake!  What is wrong with these bus drivers!  It’s bad enough that they drive down EDSA like they are the only vehicles on the road, what makes it worse is most of them are smoke belchers and it seems like all of them just LOOOOOOVE to lean on the horn.

Okay, I get it.  They lean on the horn to get our attention.  However, unless the horn sounds like “FTI”, “”Alabang”, or “Cubao”, “Fairview”, “Monumento”, etc. I don’t see the point of honking and honkng.  It’s not like we would be able to tell the honks apart, right?  We tell them apart from the signs on their front windshield, not from honks.

How difficult is it for the bus drivers to understand?  Is it a compulsion?  Do they not care that they are breaking our ear drums?

As for the air pollution, is it really that expensive to have their oil changed or to have a tune up?  It’s the company that pays for it, I know, but I don’t know why they can’t do the responsible thing and make sure their vehicles are not smoke belchers.

These, more than any other, are the reasons why I would rather take the train.