Buried in work

Stress, we meet again, old friend. It’s been a while since you’ve been on my back.

I won’t deny it, I find you exhilirating and motivating on one end, yet tiring at the same time.

And you had to bring your friend, Writer’s Block, with you, didn’t you? Just to make it more challenging for me? So here I am writing you a letter instead of working, just to de-stress for a tiny bit.

I’m glad I was able to finish that research paper for Research Seminar 1 (under Sir Dodi Dizon) with days to spare. And that I had time to study for the final exam. I also finished my book review on Inventing The Internet for my Information and Communication Technology class (under Dr. Malou Garcia) with more than a week to submission. So now I have only 10 days left to work on the case study analysis and the communication plan for my Org. Culture class (under Sir Don Bernarte). I’m doing my best not to freak out! I know that if I keep calm I will be able to do it.

I still need to work on my lecture for this Thursday at Benilde. My topics are DIVs, rollover, and spry. I haven’t done CSS code in a while so I need to refresh soon and fast!

Ok, Stress, you are starting to get to me again. Here’s the deal, I’ll acknowledge you are there, you push me to do well and complete my work on time, and I promise not to go and do something crazy. Deal?

While we are at it, could you please tell your friend, Writer’s Block, that I need to work now, so to please leave me? Thank you.