Breathlessly waiting … 1

Waiting for the results of our application is nervewracking.
Especially, for me, because I already have a planned trip to Bali which
I may need to cancel if Kasuy and I are fortunate enough to be
picked. Today I went to the AXN site and I saw this

I don’t know if you can read it well, but it says we have up to July 6 to hear from them.  This means the interviews and race won’t start until after July 6!  You have no idea how glad I was to see that. Not only did it give a definitive date … it also assured me that I can still DEFINITELY go to Bali for the Latnas and training (which ends on July 6).

I really, really want to be in the race.  I really, really want to be in the race.  Kasuy … we WILL BE IN THE RACE.  Positive thinking, hehehe.

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