Be hip and practical with California Ecobike

Be hip and practical with California Ecobike

Traffic in the metro can easily take a toll on a person’s temper not to mention having to deal with the spiked fuel cost. People are trying not to lose hope for traffic to get better in the country but with the looks of it, we might have to cope with the situation until road repairs and construction gets done in a few more years.

frustrated driverThe proposed shift to two-wheel vehicles is an open option to commuters who aims for faster travel time. For an even better option, go green and try Electronic Bikes as it also help care for our environment. California Ecobike stays true to its effort to improve transportation in an eco-friendly way, one e-bike at a time.

Electronic Bikes affordable prices makes it easier for commuters to own a unit. Maintaining one is even easier as there is no exhaust emissions, no need to change oil, neither does it require to replace clutch nor spark plugs which makes up the bulk of regular motorcycle maintenance expense. Best part of it, no need to fuel up!

Being environmental friendly and hip can go hand in hand as California Ecobike introduces its Premiere E-bike variants which promises to gives you the bang for bucks compared to their more expensive rivals.


Emory EcobikePrice: P29,900

Features and specifications:

  • pure sinewave controller
  • cruise control
  • USB charging port
  • digital panel board
  • drum brake lock
  • comes in chic matte colors
  • 3 speed control (high /medium/low)
  • 12v DC converter
  • front hydraulic disc brake
  • kill Switch / horn with alarm


Muller ecobikePrice: P28,800

Features and specifications:

  • pure sinewave controller
  • digital panel board
  • drum brake lock
  • comes in classic glossy colors

These new California Ecobike flagship models operate on 60v/20ah Lead-acid battery and has an 800watts power consumption.

Runs on maximum speed of 50kph up to 65 kilometer on full charge. Both also have essential upgrades such as remote alarm for the added protection.

Emory and Muller uses Pure Sinewave Controller which is more efficient in regulating the voltage resulting to lesser battery consumption. This upgrade also equates to lesser noise and smoother ride.

Cruise Control is an added feature on the Emory, this can be switched on to maintain a constant speed without the use of the accelerator. A USB port is also built-in to charge your gadgets.

California Ecobike units are available for purchase on either 3 or 6 months installments at zero interest on major credit cards and Aeon credit service.

california ecobike logoVisit the nearest California Ecobike store and selected CD-R King branches. For further inquiries visit, follow them on Facebook: for updates.

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