Almost there

The semester is finally over!  I only have one subject, a comprehensive exam, and my thesis to finish and I would finally graduate (again) with a Master’s degree in Communication specializing in Communication Management.  This means that I am just a year closer to starting on my PhD. Yey!

What to take, what to take … so many choices!  So far, these are the ones I’m considering:
  • PhD in Anthropology
  • PhD in Communication
  • PhD in Project Management
Whether here or overseas, those are the ones I am interested in.
Communication is a logical choice.  It was my undergrad course and currently my grad course.  Project Management also makes sense ’cause it’s what I do.  Anthropology is really more of a whim, than anything else.  I recall blogging about it a couple of years ago ( and I haven’t given up that dream yet.
I’m only 40.  I still have many, many years so study anything I want.