“Age is just a number” is more than just a saying.  In my opinion, it is a fact.  Whenever my peers (or people younger than me) say “ang tatanda na natin!” (we are old!) my usual response is “kayo lang!” (just you!)  Some would say I am in denial, but the truth is, I don’t feel old, therefore, I’m not old. There is a difference between being oldER and being old.  After all, we are only as young or as old as we feel or think we are.

Do I think that I am in my 20s or 30s? Nope. Sometimes I wish I was in my 20s or 3os but only because I was slimmer back then, and stronger.  But I know I am 43, I have no problem saying I am 43 BUT I have a problem with people who THINK 43 is old.

I guess at the end of the day it really depends on what we went through in life and how we handle the curve balls thrown our way.  I’ve met women in their 50s who are in better shape than I and seem to be so vibrant that I can’t help but think they must have drunk from the fountain of youth.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

When asked, though, this is what they normally say:

  • they exercise, even if it is just walking
  • they eat right
  • they sleep regular hours
  • they don’t smoke or drink

But the one thing they’ve said that I find is the ultimate answer … “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  And, you know what?  This is a saying (and a book!) I try to live by, and I mean TRY.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff ... It's All Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff … It’s All Small Stuff

Dr. Richard Carlson’s book, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff … and It’s All Small Stuff:  Simple Ways To Keep The Little Things From Taking Over Your Life (yes, that is the complete title, available in PDF, Mobi,  and EPUB version), has done wonders for me in helping me keep my sanity over several years.  This book is a life changer!

If you’ve never heard of it or ever read it, I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy and start reading it.  Or, if you are too lazy to read, then you can listen to the audio book instead. 😀  I don’t have a copy, sorry.  But you can buy a copy from audiobooks.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from iTunes.

Amazing how living a life of less stress can make a person look and feel younger than they actually are.  I can’t say that I have mastered anything that Dr. Carlson has said in the book but I do try my best.  Growing up my sisters would tell you that I had one hell of a temper and I wasn’t known for my patience.

One thing I have learned over the years is to have more Ally McBeal moments and keeping my inner monster on a tight leash.  Biting my tongue was a painful exercise at the beginning but I think I have developed enough calluses on my tongue that it doesn’t hurt as badly anymore. 😀

Just how good is this book?  The chapter titles already serve as a quick guide to being a better person:


Calvin throwing a tantrum

Here’s a realization just from looking at that list … not sweating the small stuff is HARD!  It is much easier to say “age is just a number” over doing what it takes to make it so.  And after reading the entire book, another thing that is difficult to do … NOT to preach to my stressed friends about what they should do to avoid the stress.

The bottom line is, to change, I had to want it.  If I wanted to look and feel young, the change had to start from within.  It is a constant struggle, but oftentimes, my temper does not get the better of me.

How to keep age to just a number? Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Age is just a number

“Age is just a number” is more than just a saying.  In my opinion, it is a fact.