2008 Christmas wishlist

I find that as every year closes my wishlist gets shorter and shorter, but not necessarily less expensive.  Here are the things I wish to have for Christmas, whether I buy it myself, or family and friends get it for me:

  • external DVD writer
  • subnotebook like the Asus EEEPC 1000h or the MSI Wind
  • jeans
  • t-shirts that fit me right
  • office clothes
  • loafers
  • cash
  • wallet
  • bag – this is always welcome.  I love bags

Thanks to one of my clients paying on time I was able to get myself an external HD as an early Christmas gift (to myself), which is why I did not include that in the list anymore.  That, at least, served as a pick-me-up.  I’ve been running out of HD space on the laptop and I’ve resorted to burning episodes to disc in batches just to make space.  With this purchase I don’t need to worry about that anytime soon … which was the point of the purchase.  I was actually deciding between Maxtor and Western Digital.  WD won hands down.

Here is a list of things I DO NOT want to receive:

  • lotion – I just end up giving them away as gifts since I rarely, if at all use, lotion.  I have several bottles / tubes still in storage just waiting for the right person to give them to.
  • make up – In case no one has noticed, I don’t wear make up.  I HAVE make up (lots of it) and I know how to use it.  I’m just not a fan of it.  The most make up I usually wear is lip stick and powder and I already have a lot of those.
  • cologne – I end up using it just to freshen my clothes in the cabinet, sort of like an air freshener.  Sayang.
  • Fruitcake – don’t give me fruitcake!  I’ll be making fruitcake as it is for friends who have requested it.  We don’t have space in the ref and I don’t really eat it.

I don’t know what Christmas will be like this year.  I’m not really looking forward to it.  Here’s hoping for the best as the year closes.